Advanced Technology at Fanwood Dental Office

The field of dentistry continues to evolve from research and advancements for continued improvements in dental technology and methodology. Dr. Lawrence Bauman is an experienced dentist in Fanwood, NJ and strives to combine tried-and-true methods with modern technology to assist in prevention, early detection and minimizing procedural treatments. The dental technologies at our Fanwood dental office include:

Digital X-ray System – Taking digital images limits exposure to radiation and provides a clearer picture. Dr. Bauman is able to enlarge the image on the computer screen to help educate patients about their dental needs and show them the area that needs attention. Patients will better understand the problem and will therefore, make better decisions regarding their oral health care.

Digital Cameras – Digital cameras are used to view targeted areas inside the mouth and Dr. Bauman will display the view on a screen so patients can see what Dr. is talking about and better understand treatment needs.

State-of-the-art Sterilization Center
– Our Fanwood dental office is designed to make our patients feel comfortable while in Dr. Bauman’s care. But as a dental office, it is mandatory to keep instruments and equipment sterile for the protection of patient health while under our care. We follow the guidelines of the American Dental Association and the Center for Disease Control to maintain proper sterilization standards.

Ultra Sonic Cleaning – Our Fanwood dentist removes plaque and tartar more easily and more comfortably using the Ultra Sonic Cleaning tool. This advanced technology utilizes water to efficiently remove plaque and tartar build up on your teeth. Dr. Bauman makes the effort to improve routine cleanings to better prevent decay and gum disease.

With improved dental technology, Dr. Bauman provides a higher quality dental care. This advanced treatment, combined with his genuine TLC, every patient receives a higher standard of care at our Fanwood dental office.

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